Remainder Of A Life – Poem by Mahmoud DarwishIf I were told:By evening you will die,so what will you do until then?I would look at my wristwatch,I’d drink a glass of juice,bite an apple,contemplate at length an ant that has found its food,then look at my wristwatch.There’d be time left to shave my beardand dive in a bath, obsess:”There must be an adornment for writing,so let it be a blue garment.”I’d sit until noon alive at my deskbut wouldn’t see the trace of color in the words,white, white, white . . .I’d prepare my last lunch,pour wine in two glasses: one for meand one for the one who will come without appointment,then I’d take a nap between two dreams.But my snoring would wake me . . .so I’d look at my wristwatch:and there’d be time left for reading.I’d read a chapter in Dante and half of a mu’allaqahand see how my life goes from meto the others, but I wouldn’t ask whowould fill what’s missing in it.That’s it, then?That’s it, that’s it.Then what?Then I’d comb my hair and throw awa

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