Craig’s Royal Hotel1853 – Thomas Bath opens The Ballarat Hotel in June1854 – Hotel became known as “Bath’s Hotel”1855 – Eureka Stockade Royal Commission of enquiry into the conflict was held at the hotel1856 – Hotel became temporary Council Chamber for Ballarat municipality while new Council offices were built.1857 – Gas main laid in Lydiard street to supply gas to the hotel. The original gas supply was made from Eucalyptus leaves by a Mr Curtis1857 – Walter Craig purchases Bath’s Hotel1865 – American ship the C.S.S. Shenandoah (described as The Confederate Cruiser) visits Melbourne between 25th January and 18th February 1865. The Shenandoah’s mission was to enlist recruits for the Confederate Navy and one of those activities was a Shenandoah Ball, held in the main dining room of Craig’s hotel.1867 – Queen Victoria’s second son Prince Alfred “The Duke of Edinburgh” visits Ballarat and is hosted at Craig’s Prince’s room specially prepared for the Prince1867 – Noted Australian P

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